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Philippine Investments

Why Invest with Anya?

The Opportunity

In recent years, the Philippines has proven itself to be a competent player in the global economy by consistently posting one of the highest-growing GDP’s all over the world. Central to the country’s economic growth is its tourism sector. It’s not hard to imagine why when the Philippines is home to breathtaking geographic formations, flourishing flora and fauna, and the warmest people.

However, these resources remain largely untapped by the hospitality industry. Compared to other countries in the region, the Philippines’ luxury hospitality sector remains woefully slighted; it is unable to cater to the increasing demand. As Manila’s population grows in affluence, the desire for easily accessible retreats similar to those found in the outskirts of New York City, London, and Shanghai, grows as well. More than ever, Filipinos are working harder, making them yearn for relaxing and satisfying escapes that fit well with their tight schedules.


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Realizing the opportunity

For the past three years, Anya has undergone meticulous planning to meet the increasing demand in the luxury sector. It was designed with the specific agenda of competing with best in the country. From Anya’s particular attention to aesthetic detail, to its highly personalized service and world-class food, beverage, spa and fitness facilities, there is nothing that compares to Anya’s supreme luxury and service in Tagaytay or in Manila.

Of course, even with a leading product, there is still a need for a robust marketing strategy; a proven management team with the experience in handling luxury and international hotels and restaurants; and brand leverage to ensure that customers are attracted to come over and enjoy what Anya has to offer. Enclosed is a detailed outline should you desire to read a little more explanation.

If you would like a full understanding of all the amenities and design please visit our resort site:

How it works

Anya’s investment program is developed with long-term and short-term returns in mind. As an investor, we will work with you in understanding the returns you seek, balanced with the usage you desire. Then, we understand your cash-flow needs and long-term returns and exit strategy to ensure your investment is tailored to your exact specifications


Investment Options

Having considered your frequency of use, the next step is to decide on the type of unit/suite that fits your investment returns and/or usage. Detailed below are the various unit/suite types available to you.

Whichever investment you may take, it always comes with personalized service, care of your own ‘Ask Anya Assistant,’ and automatic membership to Anya ELITE, our very own advantages program.



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